About us

Fast Mondial Group was founded in March 2009 and has been enjoying continuous growth since then. From our first year all our goals for growth have been met, and surpassed, with success.
Since then, our expansion has encompassed France as well as Germany, with the development of a first-class service for maritime freight and a third unit specializing in road transport, in addition to our air services.
Our development has allowed us to set up agencies in Africa, in Asia and Middle East in order to deliver global supply chain solutions and guarantee in-time delivery between Europe and African or Asian countries.

Our motivation

Our Group is motivated by a firm belief that the freight forwarding market, because of its inherent complexity, needs and deserves the highest level of professional service.

Everything we do is focused on maximizing the satisfaction and benefits of our customers, through fast, reliable and effective solutions.Our aim is to set new standards in freight forwarding, providing the best services through innovative and continually evolving thinking, processing, and solutions. Long-term relationships with our customers and proximity to suppliers, attentiveness, and respect, are all of the utmost importance to us.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with international freight forwarding solutions, tailored to your specific transportation needs, including transportation of luxury goods, spare parts for industry, perishable goods, hazardous goods, pharmaceutical materials, etc

Our longterm vision

We are working hard to become the best and preferred provider of logistics solution services in our chosen markets.

This requires constant attention to the changing rules, requirements, and conditions in the different locations, and the specific, and evolving, needs of our clients. Our vision motivates us to furnish our employees with the knowledge and interaction that they need to advance our, and your, goals.

Our differences

Every day, we offer to our clients competence aimed at maximizing their business value and increasing their competitive advantages. Our partnership will help you to improve your productivity and efficiency day by day, and over the long term.


Innovative thinking

We favor creative thinking and understanding, ranging from small nuances and tweaks to the specific individual requirements of each industry sector, and beyond. We will work together to enhance values and practices, delivering cost savings and strengthening your competitive advantages.


Special shipping services

We handle, for you, special shipping services such as those for:
• DGR handling and packing
• Heavy / Oversized goods
• Temperature-sensitive goods


Individually tailored solutions

Fast Mondial Group offers you full attention to your needs, and tailor-made quality solutions:
• FAST Xpress
• Consultation and advice for Logistics
• High security compliance
• Site-internal pick-up and delivery
• PO segregation
• Order fulfillment
• Pick and Pack


Fast, effective and reliable solutions

We provide fast, and informed, consulting and professional solutions anywhere, any time, worldwide (Europe, Asia, Africa). Consulting and support services are provided around the clock – and are competent and reliable.

Our priorities

We know that to succeed we need to focus on our relations with others, both internal and external.

These values guide us in our work every day with each other, in working with you, our customers, as well as with our worldwide network of associates who are crucial to our operations. Keeping all three groups in focus is what enables us to work with success, and gets the Fast Mondial Group closer to realizing its full potential.


We require transparent, honest, and fair interactions with one another, with our customers, and with our global associates. We are sure this is the only way to succeed.
Our customers

We value our clients as business partners. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to them, and will treat their goals and objectives as our own. We aim to increase their competitive advantage by consistently exceeding expectations.
Showing the way

Our goal is to do what is needed to support and guide our personnel and our customers. When you show how to succeed, others will learn from you.
Our business philosophy

We focus on, and encourage, innovation: we are not afraid of taking risks in the hope of enhancing the services we propose. We are always trying to improve, hoping to be recognized as your number one source for logistics solutions.
Our staff

We respect our co-workers and are grateful to them for all that they do to help Fast Mondial achieve, and when possible surpass, its goals. We have evolved a workplace environment that is professional, stimulating, and rewarding, and we are continually working to make it even better.

Our key features


We are truly international, with employees who are native speakers of globally important languages, including English, French, German, Portuguese, and Arabic, and we have excellent contacts with major airlines and land and sea shipping companies. Our agents have expertise in handling a variety of goods with specific requirements, and we enjoy a world-wide network of highly reliable agents. We guarantee an individual solution for you, fast, effective, and reliable.

Quality service

We aim for long-term business relationships with our customers and suppliers.
We guarantee competitive, professional, and fair solutions.


We are both financially and operationally independent, ensuring our objectivity.
We have the most competitive prices and freight-forwarding solutions.


Personal consulting and support.
You will always have a competent advisor available, who will keep up to date, so as to provide you with fast, reliable, and qualified information, acting in your best interests.


We are quality-conscious, and management, security, and compliance are not negotiable.
We offer the highest level of security and results.

Our commitment

The governing, and non-negotiable, policy at Fast Mondial Group is to comply with the highest standards of professional competence. That is why we are proud to have a highly dedicated team, backed by a worldwide network of reliable agents.

Our expert team of well-trained and experienced specialists is fully committed to constantly keeping up with the most complex transportation and logistics needs while maintaining a personal and friendly approach, delivering quality services together with local expertise and genuinely international knowledge.

Our locations