Welcome to the Fast Mondial Group

Bring us your best, and help contribute to the growth of a group with a promising future !

Working at the Fast Mondial Group, involves contact with the whole planet, and offers long-term career opportunities.

We are seeking talented men and women, who are ready to contribute their know-how and experience. They will be able, throughout a stimulating career, to respond to the needs of our company and our clients, guarantee the supply of goods, optimize resource use, and even discover new challenges.

These are the goals that explain why our co-workers, with a diverse range of talents, work and are self-motivating every day.


The Fast Mondial Group

The Human Resources Policy of the Fast Mondial Group is based on 4 major principles: Equity, Diversity, Progress, and Responsibility.

Our basic requirement is to guarantee our social and human balance. In carrying out its Human Resources policy the Fast Mondial Group commits itself to :

  • Equity, through a transparent wage policy
  • Equality of opportunity, and diversity. Our employees are chosen independently of sex, handicap, education, and culture
  • Progress, which allows each employee to engage in training and continuously advance within the Group
  • The responsibility of each, through respect of the rules and values of the company, will be at the heart of our concerns throughout your career

A Group that listens to you

At Fast Mondial Group there are four jobs in our three branches of activity.

The HR work to give you the means to optimize your progress within the company.

We also endeavor to:

  • Contact new profiles
  • Attract talented people from all over the world
  • Work together to build a successful career path
  • Offer a wage policy that is both attractive and fair

Fast Mondial Group is strongly motivated to share strategy with all of its employees. When we allow everyone to better understand the reasons for our HR policy, we strengthen the motivation of everyone in the Group.
If you submit your application on line, you provide better visibility for your profile, and also give us the opportunity to maintain our contact with you for a long time.