Logistics solutions

Our development at the international level allows us to accompany our clients day by day, in particular with shipments to Africa, Asia and the Middle East. We benefit from a network of agencies and competent partners, at all locations, who enable us to handle, on a daily basis, the varied requirements and problems with these destinations. In fact our African resources already rank us as one of the foremost actors on this continent.

Certified hazardous goods handling

Increasingly stringent restrictions on the types of goods that can travel by air mean more headaches for the shipper.

Therefore we have become specialized in the preparation, packing, and shipping of dangerous goods.
Our expertise in dealing with dangerous goods (Dry Ice, Corrosive, Aerosols, Lithium battery, flammable Gas) allows us to carry out collection, packing to IAIA standards, and dispatch by air (all in the same day, if needed).

Our expertise and knowledge have been acquired through 16 years of practical experience in dealing with dangerous goods.
Our fully qualified and certified staff are familiar with all types of hazardous goods, and we keep up-to-date with the ever-changing regulations. This experience allows us to anticipate potential problems, and furnishes insights into how to get your freight to its destination without delay.
When it comes to transporting hazardous materials, perhaps the most important detail is the packing. We take the time needed to properly classify the articles or substances, package and label them, and prepare the transport documents so that they are in full compliance with the applicable transportation regulations.

Our extensive knowledge of hazardous materials, along with our superior product packaging allows us to meet all requirements for your hazardous material shipments.

To sum up, we offer:

  • Dangerous goods packaging for air, sea, and road freight shipments
  • ICAO/ IATA / IMDG / ADR trained staff
  • Collect and return service
  • Packing services (all UN packages)
  • Dry Ice Packing
  • Completion of all DGN paperwork

System for electronic customs clearance

In order to clear customs all declarations must be filed electronically, by connecting to the ATLAS System of the German Customs Administration.
This simplifies customs procedures and makes it easier to check the information entered before submission, and to forward it to all parties involved.
From brokerage and inspection to documentation and final clearance we perform these services in accordance with the legal procedures.
We promise our clients we will adhere to the standards recommended by industry, and provide them with the relevant customized solutions.
If required, we can also provide advice concerning customs tariffs, tariff concessions and duty rates.

We liaise directly with the European custom authorities and with international shipping and airline companies to ensure faster clearance of your goods through quarantine and customs procedures.

We are an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), which means that we have easier access to customs simplifications and are in a more favorable position to comply with the latest security requirements.


All shipments must be properly packed to avoid damage during transportation with ordinary care in handling.

The proper packaging of goods for transportation requires advanced understanding of the different products and the distribution environment. It also requires detailed knowledge of all potential packaging materials.

We provide you with tailor-made packaging advice.

The packaging material we use :
  • Fiberboard boxes are out, polystyrene is in, for: Perishables, and temperature-sensitive material, respecting all the rules needed to provide the necessary protection
  • Fiberboard boxes
  • Wooden boxes
  • Pallets
  • Corner / Edge boards
  • Stretch film / stretch wrap
  • Banding

Transport insurance

Traditional Insurance is limited and is calculated per Kg. We operate exclusively in accordance with the latest version of the Germany’s general transportation policy (ADSp – Allgemeinen Deutschen Spediteurbedingungen) with limited liabilities: in case of damage to goods while in the care of a forwarder to € 5/Kg, in case of multimodal transports including sea transport to 2 SDR/Kg and in addition to € 1 million per damage respectively to € 2 million per event or 2 SDR/Kg, whichever is the greater.
Insurance of your cargo is important.

Even though we will handle your shipments with the utmost care, respect, and attention, there are factors which are out of our control, that cannot be foreseen, which can lead to goods being damaged or lost.

Therefore we offer you an insurance service with our Partner ALLIANZ DEUTSCHLAND AG.
Just ask and we will meet any of your requirements.