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We will, when we deem it necessary, collect and store our client data, and will sometimes ask for additional information, when it is needed to handle customer orders, propose client-specific services, interact with our customers more efficiently and speedily, and help us improve our responses. You will be able to review our data concerning you, and to make suggestions, emendations, and corrections by contacting us. We will do everything we consider necessary to protect the security of our customer data, and respect all relevant safety standards.

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The Fast Mondial Group will store and use the personal data you furnish in the standard fashion. This data will include your name, address, phone and fax information, and your purchases of our services, as well as any additional information we request from you and which you may provide, such as job titles and functions, your business names, and the countries and locations of your sites and clients. You have the right to inspect and request revisions of these data, by contacting us.

We will use this information in various standard ways, to contact you, provide you with tracking and other processing information, furnish access to our services, process your orders and procedures, including payments, offer further services when you indicate an interest in these, and improve our services to you and to our other clients. This data will be stored securely, in compliance with current German and international requirements. As mentioned above, our data collection involves the use of cookies, and your use of our site indicates your agreement to our use of computer cookies. If you do not accept our use of cookies, please indicate this to us. Please note that if you refuse this use, certain services may not be available. You can cancel your subscription to any of our newsletters at any time by sending us an email or otherwise informing us.  If you do not want us to use your data for marketing, please contact us at the address given below.


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